Roller Shutter Blinds

Light yet extremely strong, the curtain area consists of an aluminium skin injected with a (CFC free) polyurethane foam for added strength and insulation qualities. The aluminium material is coated in fade resistant, non-corrosive abrasion resistant coating offering total protection from extreme weather conditions.

Roller shutters are admired for their function and durability. A quality that provides a superior defence against burglary, an effective deterrent against vandalism and a protective barrier against bush fire.

Protection and piece of mind

Roller shutters present an immediate visible deterrent, protecting your home against burglary and vandalism. They also provide first line protection from bush fires by creating a barrier to burning debris from entering the home.

With insulation properties, shutters can reduce the effects of summer as well as retaining the heat in cooler months. University tests have also proven that roller shutters have an overall effect in the reduction of outside noise levels.

Roller shutter blinds offer you privacy during both day and night. You control the extent by simply adjusting the shutter to suit your needs. When fully open the shutter curtain is completely out of sight leaving unrestricted views through your windows. They can be operated either electrically or manually. More importantly they are operated from the inside your home to further enhance the security and convenience aspect.